About us

b. 1986, HK.

Hello, we're Caio Mattoso & Rodrigo Mendes. We're currently working at Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo as creative directors, helping our teams to bring alive ideas like this one, this one, this one and this one. Before becoming creative directors, W+K gave us the opportunity to work with other great fearless clients such as Heineken and Mondelez. We've been working in the advertising industry for the past fifteen years – nine of them, as a creative duo. In 2008 when we were at Y&R São Paulo, we had the chance to work with traditional Brasilian brands like TAM Airlines and OESP Newspaper. In 2010, in parallel to the agency, we opened our own creative lab: a place where we could experiment things independently. The result were projects like Skankplay and Statues of Corruption. In 2013 we left Y&R and joined DDB Brasil, where we could contribute creatively and strategically with Johnson&Johnson, Itaú Bank, Follow Magazine and Terra Sonora. At DDB we also had the freedom to develop our more experimental work inside the agency and to get closer to the world of product design. This period led us to create our second parallel venture: a design office focused on offering high-quality work for startups in exchange of having minority shares of the company. Today, along with our executive positions in W+K São Paulo, we are proud partners of broou and iskä. During all these years we are hugely thankful for being lucky to work side-by-side with great people. Thanks for checking out our work and feel free to share your thoughts with us.