iskä: Brand Design


iskä. When we were invited to be design partners of a restaurant that would serve only shrimp, it sounded like nonsense. So, we said "Great, let's do this."

04-Mocks-up_iska_SHRIMP BAG_ENG.jpg

If there weren't shrimps in the world, there would be no iskä. So, to show some respect for these incredible little animals, all restaurant placemat sets bring the last words the shrimp said before they hit the pan. 


Some may say that the iskä restaurant kills too many shrimp every day. But we see it differently:


Creative Directors: Caio Mattoso, Rodrigo Mendes
Creatives: Caio Mattoso, Rodrigo Mendes, Rafael Quintal, Luiz Galbiati, Rômulo Caballero